Writing the music for The Witcher: Season 2 teaser trailer, with Emma Middleton and Kiaran Scragg

By Richard Schrieber •  Updated: 02/22/22 •  2 min read

In this episode of the Trailer Music Composer’s Podcast I am joined by not one, but two very special guests. The supervisor/composer duo Emma Middleton (@rubatomusic_uk) and Kiaran Scragg (@fortnowhere).

Together the two of them wrote the track featured on the teaser trailer of The Witcher Season 2. On the show they go into so much detail on how they wrote the track together, even down to the samples they recorded and the plugins on the mastering chain.

This interview was such an insight into the world of custom covers.

Here’s a little bit about Emma and Kiaran:

Emma is a trailer-specialist Music Supervisor. Off the back of in-house agency experience, she launched freelance (in the middle of the pandemic!) in 2021 and set up her company, ‘Rubato Music’ (with an ethos based around Rubato being her favourite musical term).

Emma was voted “Music Supervisor of the Year” in 2020 at AIM Sync and is both winner + nominee of Music & Sound Awards for her custom music supervision work on The Crown Season 3 trailer & Season 4 teaser. Also a composer, she occasionally jumps in and gets her hands dirty – recent work: a collaboration on “The Witcher” Season 2 Teaser Trailer. 

Kieran Scragg is the Creative Director of My Hart Canyon Music Ltd. In his twenties he toured the world and made albums with two bands and as a result had a history in tv and film sync before approaching the trailer world with songs used on Greys Anatomy and The Twilight Saga. 

Kieran’s signed to Pusher and has worked on trailers such as ‘Death on the Nile, The Crown S3 trailer and S4 teaser, The Many Saints of Newark, Dr Death and The Witcher S2 teaser. He lives in on the edge of Dartmoor in Devon and has two kids, two gerbils and a wife. He’s listened to Richard’s podcast for a number of years, usually whilst making his lunch so he’s very excited to be on it!

Links mentioned on the show:

www.rubatomx.com < Emma&apos;s website (includes instructions + a Disco inbox link for submitting music for consideration)

https://youtube.com/watch?v=2aMVzFlApa0 < The Witcher Season 2 Teaser, a &apos;remix&apos; of Fleet Foxes (composer collaboration between Emma & Kieran)

https://instagram.com/fortnowhere/ < Kieran&apos;s Instagram @fortnow

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