TMCP 066 The Most Important Thing You’re Probably Overlooking

By Richard Pryn •  Updated: 05/11/21 •  1 min read

Hey guys, I’m back!
In this episode I talk about the most important thing for you guys
to nail down if you want to be successful as a trailer music composer.

Richard Pryn

Hey there. I am an award winning composer for movie trailers, including Bladerunner 2049, Diablo II, WandaVision, and loads more. I am the founder of The Trailer Music School where my aim is to teach everything I know about music composition, production, and generally being a functional human being. I podcast, blog, vlog and jog (sometimes). I also love coffee, nachos and self-improvement. I live with my wife, three kids and numerous pets. I am also known by my pseudonym, Richard Schrieber (it’s a long story).