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TMCP 77 Ciaran, Cody and Rich talk about feedback, customs and rejection

In this episode the guys talk about the stresses of doing custom work. You don’t always know if you’ve won it until you see the released trailer and they share some advice on how to deal with rejection. The important thing is to keep going and not take things personally! Trailer mentioned: Cheers! Powered […]

TMCP 74 Sean Latino on making hip hop beats, Protege, and landing his first trailer

Today we have an interview with the amazing composer and Protegé student Sean Latino. We talk about Sean’s journey from DJ to the vaping business to trailer music where he just landed his first placement! Watch it here: Of course we gotta talk plugins, here’s the ones mentioned: Heaviocity Damage Valhalla Room Fab Filter […]

TMCP 069: Richard, Ciaran Birch & Cody Still talk plugins and writing for drums

Hey guys!In this very first episode of The Trailer Music Banter Show Ciaran Birch, Cody Still and I discuss our new plugins and some great uses for them.We touch on forging your own signature sound, as well as a percussion masterclass from Cody. Hope you enjoy this and the exciting continuation will release next month.Cheers! […]