Everything you wanted to know about Trailer Music but were too afraid to ask…

“Pure Gold!”

“I am a composer that has recently expanded into trailer music. I have been trying to teach myself and finally decided to purchase The Trailer Music School course. It is giving me such great information and I am supplementing the course with the podcast and YouTube. This is just fantastic information and I want to also thank Richard for the clarity in which he explains everything. So many tutorials assume a certain level of knowledge, and are difficult to follow along, but this is clear and wonderful. Thanks again

Jen Bo

Amazing the wealth of information you can get simply for subscribing to a podcast. This expert, award winning composer delivers masterclass material. If you’re a trailer composer this is essential listening. If you’re another type of musician, you should be curious.

Mike W

I’m not sure how something can be super epic, yet insanely therapeutic, but Rich has figured it out! I’ve yet to find another show that has me running to my workstation after a listen to make music. Immensely inspiring and eye opening to those wanting to break into this industry. Thanks Rich!

Jo Totino

So i started listening to this podcast randomly, as i was looking for more Film and video game composer podcasts to listen to. I didn’t really know anything about trailer music, but the way Richard talks about the mental obstacles that composers have to overcome really hit home with me. I had gotten to a point in my musical life where somewhere along the line i had stopped having fun with it, and it was only after listening to this podcast that I realized it. Overcoming the inner critic and learning to write fast and without second guessing yourself has been a truly life changing concept for me as a composer. I feel like anyone who has a passion for a creative craft should really listen to this podcast. Richard is a great teacher and his positive outlook on things is a breath of fresh air.

Alex O’Hagan