Meet Richard


Hey Guys, I’m Rich. I play the cello badly, love using loops and tend to be known for my minimal approach to writing…

Very nice of you to drop by, by the way. And thanks for taking the time to read the text on the site. Nice.

I guess to give you a little introduction to myself I should start with where I am now.

I live at home with my wife and three kids in south Oxfordshire in England. I work from a little office in the front of my house using a 2012 Mac Pro, a few Rode NT1As, an ever growing collection of sample libraries and a few acoustic instruments I occasionally play.

I have been extremely blessed in my career and can now say that I am a multi-award winning (8 so far) composer for film trailers. I don’t write full time; my wife and I share parental duties so I only work part time. This is huge for me.

Not only am I doing my dream job (making noise for a living), I also get to spend time with my family. For those parents reading this you know why that is so wonderful.

Why did I start the Trailer Music School?

Well funnily enough, I was starting to get intrigued by making money online (not in a dodgy way of course) and I found out about all these new and wonderful things like affiliate marketing, niche websites and selling kindle books etc. This, I still find very exciting.

Whilst I was looking into this stuff I began to notice how often people would ask how they could make money online and the response was pretty much always this:

“What do people often ask you to help with or to get advice about?”

Annoyingly enough, I didn’t put two and two together for quite sometime but eventually I realised I kept being asked, “How do you do what you do?”

So, I started trying to show people. This eventually gave rise to me creating a course called, ‘The Trailer Music Course’.

Once I created this course I didn’t really know what to do with it so I put it onto a site called Udemy to see if it would get any interest. I was pleasantly surprised by not only the amount of people who were interested in writing trailer music but also how many positive reviews I was getting.

One thing led to another and before I realised it I had a facebook group filled with amazing students and I had produced a few more courses (the Cinematic Piano Series).  It was in this Facebook group that my students kept saying that I was underselling my work and that I should up the prices as the stuff I was teaching was way too valuable.

If there is one thing I have learned from all my research into online businesses; it is to listen to your customer. So I created The Trailer Music School and a small group of those original students became my founding members.

Since then, we have managed to release and album through Elephant Music that was entirely my students, we have also released numerous albums through Mammoth Audio too. I am very happy to say that my students are seeing the results they deserve; they are getting work published and tracks placed on trailers.

The best thing about all of this?

I have been a composer for a good many years and it is only now through this trailer music school that I feel a part of something. The group calls, banter in the forums and groups and the ability to discuss stuff only trailer composers would care about has been HUGE!

This is why I have also created a community membership, so that people can get a glimpse of how awesome and inclusive it all is. The Trailer Music School is not just a place to learn the ins and outs of trailer music but also to get help and advice about all things composerly. Even I feel like I am learning new things from the other composers.

So, if you want to get into trailer music and don’t want to do it alone, come and join us. 


Espen started his love for music as a child in the school marching band, while straying away for a while until his brother showed him how to use Reason back in 2005. Espen decided to take his hobby and try and make a career out of it in 2018 and that’s when he discovered the Trailer Music School. From there with a lot of help from Richard and the TMS community he has gone on to land several placements.Today he runs the TMS community as well as creating content for the students.