Steam Punk by Fallout Music Group

Today Espen does a little walkthrough of Steam Punk by Fallout Music Group. All in all this is a super useful tool for any composer, especially if you're doing horror…

Horror Cue Act Two

Today Espen does the second act of a creepy horror trailer cue. Stay tuned for the continuation next week!

Stutter Risers

Espen has a quick little video on creating stutters in your risers.

Quake by Simon Haglund

In this episode Espen does a little walkthrough on a very neat little instrument called Quake. Made by the incredible composer and amazing sound designer, as well as a TMS…

Hybrid Signature Sound

Hey gang! In this episode Espen creates a signature sound to elevate his orchestral template.

Big Brahms

Hey guys! Today Espen is making some Brahms, using reverb and distortion mostly!

Happy Ads

Hey peeps! This episode Espen shows a simple way to build an advertisement cue.

Epic Hits

Hey peeps! Today I'm doing a quick tutorial on layering samples to create hits. You can go a lot deeper with this, but these are just very basic and versatile…

Epic Drums

Hey peeps! Today I'm laying down a base for a swaggy drumtrack.

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