Quake by Simon Haglund

In this episode Espen does a little walkthrough on a very neat little instrument called Quake. Made by the incredible composer and amazing sound designer, as well as a TMS…

Hybrid Signature Sound

Hey gang! In this episode Espen creates a signature sound to elevate his orchestral template.

Action Sound Design 2 Electric Boogaloo

Hey guys! Espen has another action sound design video for you. It is a long one for sure, but hopefully some good tips/tricks in here! New Keep Forest instrument, I'm…

Uplifting Orchestral

Hey guys! In this episode Espen walks you through an uplifting orchestral trailer track. Cheers!

Epic Drums

Hey peeps! Today I'm laying down a base for a swaggy drumtrack.

Fav Freebies

Hey peeps! Today I go through some of my favourite FREE sample libraries. Just because something is free doesn't mean it's bad! I use these a lot, comment your favourite…


In this video I give you the secret to my prolific output; the reason I am able to produce entire Trailer Music albums in a day. It has taken me…


In this video I show you 5 of my most favourite FREE sample libraries. These libraries I use all the time in my music and they have helped me to…

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