A Very British Scandal Trailer Music Walkthrough | Sanctuary by Richard Schrieber

By Richard Pryn •  Updated: 04/18/22 •  1 min read

In today’s episode I walk you through the Trailer Music I produced that was used in A Very British Scandal.

This was a bit of a double win for me as this track was a track that I wrote when teaching how to write Emotional Solo String pieces for the Protege Pro students.

I’m gonna be totally honest here, I still suffer from bouts of imposter syndrome and fears of it all falling apart (ie not winning any more trailers and everyone finding out that I am a fraud).

Not easy to admit but feels pretty good and hopefully helps you realise that that stuff doesn’t just go away.

So, winning this trailer with this track was the proof in the pudding that I needed to remind me that the stuff I am teaching is relevant and useful still.

This after all is one of the purposes for Protege’s existence; to teach people how to write in many different styles and to make each track ready for sync (sale).

I hope you get a lot out of this walkthrough, I always really enjoy doing them.

Richard Pryn

Hey there. I am an award winning composer for movie trailers, including Bladerunner 2049, Diablo II, WandaVision, and loads more. I am the founder of The Trailer Music School where my aim is to teach everything I know about music composition, production, and generally being a functional human being. I podcast, blog, vlog and jog (sometimes). I also love coffee, nachos and self-improvement. I live with my wife, three kids and numerous pets. I am also known by my pseudonym, Richard Schrieber (it’s a long story).